Custom Material Handling Containers

Your material handling equipment should fit your process, not the other way around. Streator Dependable can replicate an existing design, modify one of our current designs to fit your specific needs or design a custom unit to fit your application. You will be amazed how the right steel storage containers for the job can improve production efficiency.

For more information on the terminology used in manufacturing and an overview of different types of units available, go to Containers 101.

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Adding Strength Using Corrugation

Metal forming and corrugating technology dates back 150 years and continues to be a relevant and viable option today. Many of the customers who contact us in search of corrugated metal storage containers are unfamiliar with the role that corrugations play in making stronger, more durable steel containers. Allow us to share what 70 years of manufacturing material handling containers has taught us. ยป Find out how corrugation will add strength to your containers.

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